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Call Center & IP Telephony

IP telephony does not require any hardware and thus no regular maintenance. All you need is a stable internet connection, strong network setup and a one-time download of an app for any device through which you can make phone calls.


Refresh your IP Phones

Many older IP phone models are not able to keep up with security and compliance standards. However, the latest Cisco IP phones reduce regulatory compliance risks and provide the latest technology with the option to be on-premises or cloud.

Immerse yourself into Snom

Get to know the entire Snom portfolio and choose your ideal product. Find out which telephone system suits you best with these tips.


Developing a powerful solution that is customized for every individual streamlines communication and workload efficiency. Grandstream makes state-of-the art telephony devices more accessible and easier to deploy than ever before. Take a look into our wide range of telephony endpoints and construct the perfect network with Grandstream, today.

6 3CX.png

Work from anywhere and boost customer service! 3CX is an affordable full-featured PABX system, with call queues, built-in web conferencing, live chat and social media messaging all on one system. Your team can take office calls on their mobile and answer messages while on the go. Fully compatible with popular IP phones and SIP trunks, you can run on-premise on an existing server, as a virtual machine, hosted, or in your private cloud. All this at a fraction of the cost of other software solutions.

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