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Next Generation & Web Application Firewall

Next Generation & Web Application Firewall are considered network functions, but they interact with traffic at different points. Think of an NGFW as the entrance to a hotel and the WAF as the key to a hotel room. Network firewalls cover the traffic on the network; WAFs cover the app.

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Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

FortiGate: Next Generation Firewall Models and Specifications FortiGate Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) are available in a variety of models, from entry-level hardware to high-end devices, to meet the most demanding performance threat protection requirements. With their help, you can easily and securely integrate a corporate network, data center or internal segment into your environment.


With workers, data, and offices located all over, your firewall must be ready for anything. Secure Firewall helps you plan, prioritize, close gaps, and recover from disaster—stronger. 💡 Turn intent into action Unify policy across your environment and prioritize what’s important. Having security resilience is about shoring up your architecture against threats and using automation to save time. 💡 Achieve superior visibility Regain visibility and control of your encrypted traffic and application environments. See more and detect more with Cisco Talos, while leveraging billions of signals across your infrastructure with security resilience. 💡 Drive efficiency at scale Only Secure Firewall includes license entitlement for Cisco SecureX, our open orchestration and XDR platform. The combination increases productivity across your teams and hybrid environments, while reducing threat dwell times. 💡 Make zero trust practical Secure Firewall makes a zero-trust posture achievable and cost-effective with network, microsegmentation, and app security integrations. Automate access and anticipate what comes next.

Top-Rated NGFW and Secure SD-WAN Blocking 100% of evasion attempts and 100% of exploits, Forcepoint Cloud Network Firewall was given a AAA rating when tested by CyberRatings.


💡 Uncompromising Security Delivers the highest-caliber threat prevention with award winning SandBlast Zero Day protection out of the box 💡 Security at Hyperscale On-demand hyperscale threat prevention performance providing enterprises cloud level expansion and resiliency on premises 💡 Unified Security R81 unified security management control across networks, clouds, and IoT increases efficiency cutting security operations up to 80%


All the application security you need. All in one platform. Easily consolidate DDoS protection, web app firewall, and bot management in one comprehensive security solution—for all your applications, wherever they're deployed. Get robust security with a proven web app firewall Web applications and APIs are some of your most valuable—and vulnerable—assets. They’re a top target for bad actors who want to take them offline, plant malware, and steal sensitive data.

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